About me

I’m an event person/PR/still occasional journalist. I travel A LOT: I’ve seen a lot of airport terminals and drunk a lot of below-par airport coffee. My claims to fame are limited to winning my school’s tennis umpiring cup in 1992 and the first Hashfootery cup. I like football & Wimbledon, cry over sports montages, am unashamedly geeky over Strictly Come Dancing and American Idol, and mad for red carpet fashion and the Oscars. I own far too many lipsticks and pairs of shoes. Co-creator of the football prediction site http://www.hashfootery.com (twitter @hashfootery) and the Oscar prediction site http://www.oscars.predictery.com (twitter @hashfootery). I hate fish and olives. I have hidden shallows. I share time between New York, Africa, Middle East and my home country of Scotland.
This used to be my Posterous.


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