Wearable art


I finally managed to get to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition, Savage Beauty, this weekend. The crowd must have been 1,000 long at 10am yesterday, and I’m not surprised: the exhibition is just beautiful. I took some photos (in the gallery) but the highlight for me was the replica hologram of Kate Moss, the finale for the 2006 Widows of Culloden collection, shown in the clip. The music used, from Schindler’s List, was the music for the hologram and for the show, and the installation is pitched just perfectly.

As indeed was the whole exhibition. McQueen’s show designer and music director created the setting for this exhibition, and the design house and its collaborators lent some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing / art I have ever seen. Standouts for me were the gold-painted duck feather coat (pictured) and a balsa-wood fan skirt.

The installation also included clips from McQueen’s shows, which go some way to reminding you how dramatic they were, and some of the jolie laide jewellery – including a spine corset with tail bone and facial tusks. I’m actually a little bit obsessed with the whole show (hence my return the next day when it was a little quieter).


One response to “Wearable art

  1. Andrea Gillies

    I’m not surprised you’re a little bit obsessed. It’s all extraordinary. Good photos too x

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