Monthly Archives: January 2011

Another project over…. GCF, Riyadh

I’m just back from Saudi Arabia, managing the speakers for the Global Competitiveness Forum. An intense event with well over 100 speakers, but one of the most fulfilling I’ve worked on for a long time. And Riyadh: not at all what I expected. Less restrictive, a friendlier work environment, and hospitable – wish I had had time to see some of the city. Next time…..


Spyder woman

I’m in Riyadh for work, and one of the event sponsors has brought the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid for the display. It arrived this morning when we were still setting up, so we were able to have a look before the event opens this evening. I like it. A lot. 


Childhood pleasures


As well as an amazing speaker pillow (so I can listen to my ipod in bed without using earphones and throttling myself with the wire) I was given a gorgeous poster for Christmas, The poster was written and designed by my Shine partner-in-crime, Tarquin. The original is at home in Scotland so I can get it framed, but here it is – very cheery-making.