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Write your own advert

This is a really clever advert. Watch it through, do as instructed, then watch again. (Thanks to Gareth for the link!)


Herby hat


According to the description: “Natural wool knitted hat with hand-dyed with natural herbs.” I’d like my hat with a side order of oregano, please.

Coq au can


Many* of you have requested the recipe for Coq au Can after seeing the 
photos. I’m sure you can try out different liquids in the can (wine is 
bound to work, and I reckon Coke might as well), as well as dry spice 
rub on the chicken skin. 

Here it is: 

1 4lb whole chicken 
2 tbsp olive oil or other vegetable oil 
1 opened, half-full can of beer, room temperature 
2 tbsp chopped fresh thyme leaves, or 1tbsp dried thyme (we used rosemary) 

Smear the olive oil and seasoning on the outside of the chicken and 
then a bit inside as well. Put the beer can in the chicken as 
demonstrated by my capable assistant, then roast it, upright, in the 
oven. Oven temperature should be 350°F – I think you could start with 
a slightly higher heat, to crisp up the outside of the chicken. 
Apparently you can also use an open can of baked beans (take off the 
label) instead of the beer – the chicken juices flavour the beans, 
which makes a good side dish. Obviously, be careful when separating 
can and chicken – we used tongs to hold the can still. The chicken is 
best served immediately as it dries out quite quickly. 

(* three)


Fox scarf


This would go down well in the shires as a Christmas present (thanks to Jenny who saw it but preferred in hot pink).

The Emperor’s New Water

I saw this water for sale in Harvey Nichols in Dubai. Based on the
price tag (around the $50 mark), I’d have expected it to have made its
own cocktails – but no, it’s just water.

It turns out the company has launched a special Dubai edition with
10,000 Swarovski crystals on the bottle. It retails for $2,600 – but
it’s still just water.