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Mon Dior


I have spent the last hour racking my brains to remember the details
of this photo (which I saw in The Model As Muse exhibition at the Met
last summer) – thank you Google.

Even though it’s 55 years old, it’s still one of the most famous Vogue
covers of all time. The model is Dovima, the photographer Richard
Avedon, and the dress was Dior. Flawless.


Stephen Fry’s speech at The Intelligence?? Debate

As you’d expect from Stephen Fry, this is erudite and impassioned. The topic is one of particular interest to me: when asked at my university interview what I felt was the biggest challenge facing the world at the end of the 20th century, my answer was the inflexibility of the Catholic Church. Needless to say, Mr Fry puts it far better. If you can’t see the embedded link, click here.

(thanks to Cath for the original link)

Images of an icon


I think these are some of the greatest rock & roll photographs of all time. Taken by Eric Meola over a couple of hours in 1975, the shoot spawned two Bruce Springsteen album covers – Born to Run and Greatest Hits. 

The outtakes from the shoot were packaged together in a book, The Unseen Photos, and Meola donated his share of proceeds to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The book sold out (I think it was a limited edition) but you can find copies for sale on and I have one on order.

Meola went on to be named Advertising Photographer of the Year by the American Society of Media Photographers. He is known as a true innovator in colour photography – he studied colour printing and colour theory and was self-taught as a photographer – and some of the photos on his website are eye-popping. Yet, the Springsteen session was shot entirely in black and white. Here’s a great interview with Meola and he also writes a blog.

In case you need to put the photos in context, here’s the album title song.