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Shaken, stirred and stamped


In Mexico, I met a Kiwi bar owner called Tony, who’d won a trip to
Mexico by proving commitment above and beyond the call of duty. Not
content with getting a tattoo of the Jose Cuervo crow logo, he also
named his baby daughter after the tequila (apparently he can change
her name back in three months).

On top of this, he entered a local rodeo, and taped a cocktail shaker
with margarita ingredients to his hand before riding the bull. In the
couple of seconds before he was thrown off, he mixed the cocktail.

He posted the resulting video online.??


Online shopping WTFs?

This week’s selection is brought to you from a crochet
womankini; a bedazzled “puppet” providing new income streams for all
housewives; a bear tooth engagement ring; and a knitted coffee cup


Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

“On the dancefloor raving, pack of 16 Benson; someone’s fighting bouncers, turns out it’s Gavin Henson.”

Thanks to @grahambandage and others for providing the link to this musical gem. All together now: “Newport, concrete jumble, nothing in order….”

I’ll be here from now on….


For this week’s jaunt into London (some meetings, some pleasure), I
enlisted the help of the Metro’s resident foodie, Marina O’Loughlin.
My brief was: “restaurant, Soho, creative not pretentious, lunchtime
cocktails. Above all, louche.”

And boy, did she deliver. Marina sent us to Bob Bob Ricard on Beak
Street. The co-owner Leonid (pictured) is gloriously bonkers, and
passionate about vodka, to the extent he “force fed” us frozen shots
before 1.30pm. I could tell you about the decor and the food but
there’s really no point. Any restaurant that has a Call for Champagne
button was guaranteed a return visit. And return we did – the next
day. I am moving in next week to become their Lush in Residence after we spent the national GDP of a small republic on sampling their whole cocktail menu.

You can read Marina’s review here.??


Ahoy there!


Words not needed.

Wool biology


Just what you’ve always wanted: a knit-your-own dissected frog for biology lessons…. because it’s just so realistic.

Viewer discretion advised

Mine eyes. Thanks/or not to @grahambandage, I’ve been treated to a clip of Jessica Fletcher going undercover as a lady of easy virtue in Murder She Wrote. Angela Lansbury’s a game old bird, I’ll give her that. (Apologies for the quality of the link but the other video was taken down.


UPDATE: Just found this version of the clip – inspired. Perfect for fighting Monday morning blues….