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Not for slamming


At dinner In Puerta Vallarta, we were given a bottle of Jose Cuervo
Reserva De La Familia. This isn’t the tequila you know from hazy
memories of slamming shots – it’s the equivalent of one of the finest
malt whiskies, and tastes more like cognac. I learned that there are
only 17,000 bottles of it produced every year, in collectors’ boxes
decorated by Mexican artists: it is aged in oak barrels for three
years, and blended from reserves that could be more than 30 years old.
It was really something.


Enter the mariachi


At dinner, we were serenaded. The singer said he was taking requests,
but went mysteriously silent when we asked for New York, New York.
What we got was this:
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Beach lunch

Here’s a little spot we visited for lunch yesterday – photos are
straight off my iPhone, and I haven’t touched up the colours. The
parrots were outside the beach restaurant for people to look at, as
well as a little monkey. The parrots were the loudest, squawkiest
things I have ever heard.

It’s my first ever trip to South America, and I’m here on a 5 day work
assignment for Jose Cuervo tequila. Normally, the annual trip (for key
clients and distributors) takes in Cancun before going to the Cuervo
family distillery, La Rojena, in Guadalajara. But for the last couple
of years, the trip has started in Puerto Vallarta to give a more
authentic experience of Mexico. It’s a gorgeous town, on the beach,
and pretty vibrant considering it’s off season. Last night I tried
mole sauce, and some spectacular tequila (more on that later).


Home from home?

After 24 hours of travelling to Mexico (and 30+ for Adam, who is with
me on the trip as photographer), we found out our cases stayed in
Dallas. We headed off to buy clothes for today’s boat trip… and we
were sent to Liverpool. Apparently, it’s a luxury department store in
Puerta Vallarta – who’d have thought.

We’re staying at the Westin Resort & Spa, which is lovely, but very pink.


Overseas posting

The working month of May has been brought to you from the branch
offices in Cannes and Mexico.


Behind the scenes of photo shoots

This is why the good photographers make the big bucks. Here are some
snaps I took during photoshoots in New York for Tribeca, followed by
the finished article. Photos (the good ones) by Michael Tammaro. His
gorgeous studio is in Chelsea, and you can see it here.