Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’ll take Manhattan


I’m going to New York in three weeks for the Tribeca Film Festival: internally, this is exactly what I’ll look like. Only blonde. (Photo is of Natalie Wood – wasn’t she beautiful?)




Two of my favourite things: tea and fashion, in one dinky drinky package.

Legacy: selected for Tribeca

Legacy has been selected for the TriBeCa film festival, and will show in the Discovery section. This is such a huge achievement for the filmmakers (producers Black Camel and writer/director Thomas Ikimi) as well as executive producer and star, Idris Elba. So…. we’re all off to New York in a few weeks, can’t wait!

The Dubai Branch Office???


After what seems like an eternity in the colds of Scotland, and
unseasonal storms of France, I’ve moved the Branch Office??? to Dubai
for two weeks. Thank Vodafone for my Blackberry – the view from the
office is quite something.