New project: Legacy

My latest project is working with the producers, Black Camel Pictures,
on the publicity for their new film Legacy. The film premieres at the
Glasgow Film Festival, where it has been chosen as the closing gala
film on February 28.

This has an really interesting project, because it involves working
with passionate filmmakers (including writer-director Thomas Ikimi –
it’s only his second feature film) who made the film on a very tight
budget. And, from a cinema fan’s point of view, Legacy isn’t your
standard box office fare: it’s a disturbing, taut, psychological
thriller, and there are no exploding helicopters or gratuitous scenes
of damsels in distress in bikinis. I have only seen a rough cut of the
film – it’ll be ready just in time for the premiere – but I’m really
proud to be working behind the scenes on this, with people who have
put blood and guts into bringing this to the big screen.

And, did I mention the film stars Idris Elba, best-known as Stringer
Bell from The Wire?



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