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Are schools killing creativity?

For the last 10 months, I have been working on an international education conference, now in its second year. We have been lucky enough to come across some of the most inspiring professionals in the teaching sector; this speech from Sir Ken Robinson sums up the flaws in the system.

Sir Ken says that schools are killing off creativity, and we are squandering the talents of children as we try to mould them into what society perceives they should be. How many of us were stopped from studying subjects we really enjoyed, just because they wouldn’t help us get a job? As one speaker said last year: “Education should be about discovering what we like and don’t like, rather than what society dictates we need.”


Genius lip gloss


I’m a make-up junkie; since I was 13 and experimenting with make-up from No.7, through to working on magazines and picking up tips from make-up artist friends. I bought a set of five mini glosses from Lipstick Queen on a whim, thanks to a discount on the SpaceNK site when buying Christmas presents.

I’m working my way through the five colours, but am already in love with number 11, which is fantastic on. It also passed my lip gloss test with flying colours: my hair didn’t stick to it, it lasts longer than you’d expect, and it doesn’t leave a sloppy stain on the side of a coffee mug.

Winter woes

I’ve been a Scot in exile in warmer climes since 1998, so I’m aware
there’s a limit to how much I can complain about the public sector in
the motherland. But 17 days after the snow first arrived, and a week
after it turned to sheet ice all around the countryside, there hasn’t
been hide nor hair of a gritter. Pensioners near us have been stranded
for five days, with no access in or out, and the council has done
nothing. The weather forecast states we should expect another week of
this, which would render conditions impassable. I’m not sure what
services my parents and other taxpayers can expect for years of paying
for them?

Advice for your daughters

You will be told at a young age what your talents are. Enjoy the compliments, but don???t accept them at face value. You don???t want to walk a narrow path; attempt things you aren???t comfortable with and uncover skills or proclivities you didn???t know you possessed.



It is traditional for Scots to get sentimental over Hogmanay and Ne’er Day; as clear as night follows day, Celtic tears (of joy or sadness) will follow drink. On the whole, 2009 has been a trial for almost everyone I know, not least for the friend who suffered a bereavement on New Year’s Eve itself.

This year promises much, including (hopefully) an adoption for one of my closest friends. And on that note, I found this lovely website, full of thoughts for a daughter. The advice I was given was pretty much show cleavage or thigh but never both, always keep a separate bank account, and check what he’s like when he’s been drinking before committing.

There are daily nuggets on this site, as well as some sweet poems. Some pieces of advice are and some are as simple as “return the shopping cart at the supermarket”, “visit a cave” and “dance”.