Monthly Archives: November 2009

See, reality shows can work

While I’m not a fan of reality shows in general (wish they’d invest the money in original series), I love So You Think You Can Dance. As one of the most popular reality shows in the US, it has probably done more to highlight dance and the arts than most. A perfect example: Travis Wall, who was runner-up a few years ago, is back as a choreographer for this series, and is something special. Here’s one of his routines: there’s no doubt he would never have been so successful without the show.


Christmas wish


Santa Baby … if only I’d been good enough this year for something from Cassandra Goad this year. Based in Sloane Street, Cassandra’s showroom is a townhouse close to Peter Jones. She’s a friend of the family and has performed miracles resetting handed-down pieces, and sends out marvellous advent calendars every year.