Monthly Archives: May 2006

Facial trickery

Dubai’s been overtaken by slightly bizarre outdoor advertising, with what looks to be footballers’ faces warped by flags – probably for the World Cup.

After nearly crashing at the sight of a demonic-looking David Beckham, it suddenly struck me: if I wanted to look at a Beckham with half its face recreated artificially, there are plenty of photos of Victoria to choose from.


Welcome construction

Alas, another Arabian Travel Market is over. The second most wearisome trade show (after Gitex) at least has the decency to lay on some cracking parties to soothe the jaded soul. Every year, the best by far is the Fairmont, with past themes including the rainforest, ice and glamour. The last mentioned, while fabulous, was also dangerous – I was nearly knocked out by a giant ruby (hmmm, perhaps that’s one for my gravestone?)

This year, in a masterstroke, the theme was Under Construction. Sadly, it wasn’t an opportunity for a parade of fit male models with builder’s butt, nor was it a chance to come dressed as some of the members of the Village People and break into the YMCA at any given moment. The ballroom was decorated with scaffolding, plastic and tarpaulin, and the only thing missing was the obligatory layer of dust. But as one wag put it: “They’d have been better off holding it in Jumeirah Beach Residence – it’d be cheaper too!”

Having consumed a few too many glasses of pop, Clover again went on the rampage, this time with her new sidekick Sonia. In a search for Mercy’s mojo (still missing), they tried to persuade a stranger to have his wicked way. Sadly, they picked the only gay man in the house.