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Dubai where?

I was sent the link to and typed in Dubai. Up popped the response: “Sorry, the place you have requested does not exist.” And here’s me thinking it was the centre of this part of the universe ….<script type=”text/javascript”></script><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;


Truly cosmopolitan

Bearing in mind I seem to have spent much of the last six weeks travelling, I can confirm that Bahrain is my new favourite airport in this part of the world. The DVD selection is much better than Dubai, and includes a lot of films that are banned in Dubai (Monty Python’s Life of Brian has been spotted, as well as some nearly-adult movies). And also, no real queues at passport control (hurray!).

Bahrain really is very civilised – they take any currency in Costa Coffee and you can buy alcohol without a licence. So far, the island has the lead on Dubai in the cosmopolitan stakes …

Worst album covers

Thanks to the Dodger, for providing today’s light relief.

Adieu, Secret Dubai

Sitting on a balcony in Europe with wireless connection, I have just read that Secret Dubai’s blog has been blocked by the mighty Etisalat. On quite what basis, I’m not sure, as the author has always been measured and constructive in her comments on UAE society.

Meanwhile, it turns out that The Hen was reprimanded by CID in a club in Dubai for wearing her party outfit, which consisted of a black spangly G string over her jeans. Apparently it was indecent – so not sure what they would have made of Superman.

All in all, looks like Dubai’s taken a step back towards the Dark Ages.

Yorkie bar

Vegas, eat your heart out. Clover and I managed to confound our doubters by organising a hen night in Dubai without a) getting arrested; b) any of the girls having a cat fight; c) anyone passing out. 28 women, 1 bus, 5 venues, 8 hours, starting with Trader Vics in Crowne Plaza. Keeping it old skool, we took in the delights of Carters (private dining room to keep us away from the regular punters), Rock Bottom and Jimmy Dix.

Several men got mistaken for strippers by the girls, but they ran away before they could be abused by screeching women.

Midway round, we also passed an eye-opening 30 minutes in a club in Bur Dubai (the less said the better). Piling out of the bus, there were a few bemused faces as we piled into the hotel, looking for “the hooker bar”. Having been pointed upstairs by the doorman, the Red Sea parted as we entered. Ladies of negotiable affection tried to intimidate us – ’twas their turf after all – while the men looked out for fresh meat. Half an hour later, duly fuelled by Flaming Lamborghinis, we left.

One word of advice

Hen night organisation? Don’t.<script type=”text/javascript”></script><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;


After a number of years on-off in Dubai, the mighty Yoda is leaving, (so named because he’s old, wisened and wise, and has odd sticky-out ears). In his honour, there was a reunion of the Meeja Whores, the “legendary” quiz team from years ago, determined to see one of its founder members off in style.

The Meeja Whores were always a motley crew, yet somehow managed to hold the Aussie Legends record for about two years.

– Yoda was the resident expert on geography, as well as central American capitals and north American rivers;
– Dodja sipped Corona, wrinkled his brow and answered the occasional question about Mormons (he kissed one once) and planets;
– Frosty, now back in the UK, knew about entertainment;
– Lairy Clairey, also back in the UK, just drank Smirnoff Ice and got the odd 60s tune right;
– DJ Dan only ever answered one question in his life and we ignored him – it was something about Joe Montana;
– and finally moi, who only knows about James Bond films, with a speciality on Bond themes.

So, for one night only, we were back and came home the victors with five points to spare.

However, there was a hairy moment when the quizmaster, Aussie’s own Disco Dave, dared to argue over which character had been in the most Bond films. While he claims it was Moneypenny, we all know it was in fact Q. With that, I can put the record straight now and claim a moral victory, as well as real one.