Someone in our local bookstore has got a sense of humour…..


And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Gurning …..


Gifs from the duet between Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez on American Idol finale. Seacrest said the emotion would overwhelm us: if by emotion he means the amazing faces pulled by Holliday… thanks to @stevenperkins for the link.

Best app ever?


Create your own show and tell instructions: IT help to parents made easy at last?

Hey girl, wanna onesie?

Texts from Hillary


I LOVE THIS TUMBLR. Based on a pic of Secretary Clinton taken on an overseas trip last year.

Life advice from Springsteen

“There is no right way, no pure way of doing it. There is just doing it.” The man is a legend. Wonder if we can book him for one of our conferences…….

Now that’s how to accept an award nomination….


Max von Sydow thanks the Academy for his Supporting Actor nomination.